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malmo overhead Hard Rain in the square outside Malmö Town Hall for the EU Committee of the Regions in October 2011, in association with Sida

Hard Rain Project is a not-for profit company established to campaign for realistic solutions to global problems.

The original exhibition, Hard Rain: Our headlong collision with nature, has been seen by some 15 million people at over 100 venues around the world. One of the most successful photographic exhibitions ever created, it has attracted huge public and critical acclaim, along with the support and endorsement of political and environmental leaders.

“Sad forests”, “dead oceans”, “where the people are many and their hands are all empty”; Hard Rain highlights the interconnected problems of climate change, poverty, the wasteful use of resources, population expansion, habitat destruction and species loss.

WE title

A new display, Whole Earth? Aligning human systems and natural systems, responds to requests by thousands of visitors and curators for an exhibition that presents solutions to the challenges set out in Hard Rain.

It is designed to renew the ambitions for change in a large cross-section of the public and encourage political and business leaders to take bold, long-term decisions to secure our gains and avoid the disasters that appear increasingly imminent.

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