BUTTERFLIES. Aporia crataegi, on a Lupin. Belarus. CDREF00200RUBBISH DUMP, GEORGIA. Tbilisi. Boy scavenging for food or recyclables amongst animals on rubbish dump. CDREF00200KOI CARP. Cyprinus carpio and pine trees Pinus sylvestris. Germany. CDREF00200
RUBBISH DUMP, GEORGIA. Tbilisi. Boy with his dog scavenging for food or recyclables on rubbish dump. CDREF00200REFORESTATION - AUSTRALIA. Western Australia. Alcoas reforestation of bauxite mines. Water monitoring ensures mining does not affect water supplies to Perth. CDREF00549.RUBBISH DUMP, PHILIPPINES. Children pose on a rubbish dump. They scavenge for items to recycle and sell. Malabon slums. CDREF00200
DROUGHT, UK. Ladybower reservoir. Dried-up. CDREF00108COMMON CHAMELEON. Chamaeleo chamaeleon, Madagascar. CDREF00200RECYCLING, MALAYSIA. Kuala Lumpur. A man shows a punched tin sheet from which the lids of cans are made, they are carefully designed and placed to minimize waste. All reject cans are collected and recycled for Nestle. CDREF00031
BUTTERFLIES. Aporia crataegi, on a Lupin. Belarus. CDREF00200
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Hard Rain Picture Library

The Hard Rain Picture Library presents a wide selection of images illustrating social and environmental issues and nature. The initial selection of images is drawn from the UNEP picture archive, and images are available for UNEP and UN staff to replica orologi download for a small fee. The library will be expanded in the near future, and available to all, and we are seeking funding to allow free downloads for educational use.

All visitors are invited to search and download more images at our partner picture agency www.stillpictures.com

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