WALL DECORATION, INDIA. Bihar, Madhubani Village. Woman sitting in front of wall with traditional paintings. CDREF00024FUEL, INDIA. Haryana State, Rewari Village. Making cow dung cakes, to be used as cooking fuel.   CDREF00010FAMILY LIFE, INDIA. Rishi Valley. Woman plaits her daughters hair. CDREF00432RURAL LIFE, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Portrait of children in their village. CDREF00432ITALY, River Po. Mezzana Bigli, vicinity Pavia. The Oxon Chemical factory outflow. A lethal mixture of heavy metals and pesticides being discharged into the River Po. Oxon is one of two Italian plants producing atrazin, a toxic pesticide which has contaminated ground water and rivers in Northern Italy. CDREF00553.
WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Darling Range, Jarrahdale mine, Vicinity Perth. Aboriginies changed the landscape by using fire to open up the forest. Species of trees and shrubs resistant to fire damage colonized the forests. Fire actually assist some seeds to germinate. CDREF00542.BUTCHERING A BUFFALO, NEPAL. Butchering a water buffalo. CDREF00387 .PORTRAIT, ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires. Portrait of boy from a shanty

town. CDREF00207PORTRAIT, BURKINA FASO, West Africa. Yatenga Province, Kalsaka village. Portrait of young woman. CDREF00372CHILD LABOUR, BRAZIL. Amazon, Paragominas. Children extracting charcoal from the charcoal heap. Charcoal is also produced by the sawmills using mahogany offcuts. Children work 12 hour shifts about 2 dollars and 50 cents a week. The charcoal is used to smelt iron ore. CDREF00323
MIGRANTS TO THE AMAZON, BRAZIL. Vicinity Paragominas. Slash and burn farming families. CDREF00242SLUMS, PHILIPPINES. Cebu City.This family is too poor to buy

homes inland with access to clean water. They live over stagnant

water for six to eight months a year. This is a breeding ground

for mosquitos and poses a major health risk especially to

children.There is high incidence of diarrhoea, tuberculosis and

dengue fever. There's no main source of water or sanitation.

CDREF00199ROAD TRANSPORT, PHILIPPINES. Manila. Morning rush 'hour' lasts

all day in Manila. Cars, buses and trucks travel at little more

than walking speed most of the time. CDREF00198RURAL LANDSCAPE, BHUTAN. WANDIPHODRANG VILLAGE. Most of Bhutan is mountainous. Houses are surrounded by terraced fields. CDREF00371GERMANY - Extruding Plastic Thread. CDREF00594.
WALL DECORATION, INDIA. Bihar, Madhubani Village. Woman sitting in front of wall with traditional paintings. CDREF00024
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