LATEX PRODUCTION, THAILAND. Krabi Province. Workers making latex with the aid of a mangle. CDREF00026MARKET, DENPASAR, BALI. CDREF00228WATER/ TETZE FLY, COTE DIVOIRE. Vicinity Daloa, Guediboua village. Collecting water near Tetze fly screens made with impregnated cloth. The flys are attracted to blue & are killed by the cloth. CDREF00227NOMADIC FAMILY, INDIA. Kashmir. They spend winter in the valleys and summer in a cave in the mountain. CDREF00391ORAL REHYDRATION, BANGLADESH. Dacca, Matlab - Administering oral rehydration solution. The International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research (ICDDR) developed the oral rehydration formula which the World Health Organization adopted as its international standard. This mixture of simple salts and sugar is mixed with water and given to children who have lost precious bodily fluids to diarrhoea. In most cases, oral rehydration solution treatment is enough to allow the child time to recover from the disease with no other medication. CDREF00557.
FORMER STREET CHILDREN, NICARAGUA. Managua. Former street child taken into care and educated. CDREF00133 .ROAD CONSTRUCTION, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Mother holding child and breaking rock to be used for road construction. CDREF00432STREET LIFE, ARGENTINA. Buenos Aires. Graffiti. CDREF00207BRAZIL, Amazon, Galera Caves - Nambicuara boy. CDREF00828WORK, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Women preparing trays for silk worms. CDREF00432
WORKSHOP, BURKINA FASO. Ougadougou. Radio repair workshop. CDREF00215MARKET, ETHIOPIA. Addis Ababa. A worker using an axe to chop wood at this fuelwood market. CDREF00047FAMILY, INDIA. Rajasthan State, Baaseli Village. A mother and her children pose in the doorway. CDREF00020FUEL WOOD - INDIA. Baaseli village, Rajasthan State. Transporting fuel wood. CDREF00426CUBA - MARKET, Havana. Selling jewellery made from black coral listed under CITES agreement which makes extraction and trading of black coral illegal. CDREF00578.
LATEX PRODUCTION, THAILAND. Krabi Province. Workers making latex with the aid of a mangle. CDREF00026
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