CHILDREN WASHING, VIETNAM. Binh Thuan. CDREF00200ITALY, Adriatic Riviera. Riccione, vicinity Ravenna. Artificial substitute for a dying sea, FISHERMEN, MAURITANIA. Banc dArguin National Park. Imaraguen ethnic fishermen compete with illegal trawlers for golden mullet. WWF are teaching them sustainable fishing practise. CDREF00389AGRICULTURE, SRI LANKA. Hambantota area. This agriculturalist family, using slash and burn techniques, live in a tree house protected from elephants. CDREF00032FOOD, INDIA. Assam. A woman prepares Okra ready to cook for family meal. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation. CDREF00046
RELIGION, INDIA. Calcutta. Portrait of a sadhu, Indian holy man. CDREF00024LIVESTOCK, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Goats eating roadside shrubs. CDREF00432MAHOGANY TREE PLANTATION,BRAZIL. Rondonia, Amazon. 3 year old mahogany trees. It takes 25 years to grow mahogany trees big enough to log. CDREF00307SPECTACLES WETLANDS - AUSTRALIA. Vicinity Perth. Permanent wetlands rehabilitated by Alcoas Land Care Project is home to 100 species of bird and has extensive cover of paperbark trees. CDREF00549.SLUMS, MEXICO CITY. Canuda district. Child selling electrical fittings. CDREF00370
CUBA - RURAL TRANSPORT, Vinales. Rural family on their way to market on their ox cart. CDREF00578.ACID RAIN - SWEDEN. Vicinity Goteborg, Alvsborgs Lan County. Monitoring rain to assess the effects and composition of acid rain. Sweden spends 100 million Kroner (about 10 million pounds) per year on such liming. Britain sends to Sweden 10% of the sulphur affecting its forests and lakes. CDREF00552.UNITED KINGDOM - VIOLIN MAKER. Craftsman making a violin in his workshop. The graduation of the plates to the proper thickness along with the cutting of the sound holes and fitting and glueing the bassbar are really the most difficult aspects of violin making. CDREF00582.MARKET, PHILIPPINES. Manila. Roadside market. CDREF00198FATHER AND CHILD, INDIA. Haryana State, Rewari Village. Portrait of a father and his child, young girls behind them.   CDREF00010
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Hard Rain Picture Library

The Hard Rain Picture Library presents a wide selection of images illustrating social and environmental issues and nature. The initial selection of images is drawn from the UNEP picture archive, and images are available for UNEP and UN staff to download for a small fee. The library will be expanded in the near future, and available to all, and we are seeking funding to allow free downloads for educational use.

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