HARVESTING COTTON, CAMEROON. Vina Valley, vicinity Touboro Town. CDREF00219COOKING, INDIA. Assam. A woman using crop residue as fuel for cooking. Women exposed to smoke from these cooking stoves are likely to suffer serious lung diseases. The stoves are very inefficient and waste appx 70% of the heat. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation. CDREF00046DESTRUCTION - AMAZON, BRAZIL. Bom Futuro, vicinity Ariquemes. General view of the mine showing the devastation at the site. 2500 garimpeiros (prospectors) mine tin ore here. 80 per cent have malaria and five men are shot each week. CDREF00242SLUM - MADRAS, INDIA. Mother feeding child. CDREF00388HOMELIFE - MONTEVIDEO, URUGUAY. Middle-class families. CDREF00530.
AMAZON - PERU, vicinity Satipo. Campa or Ashaninka Indians. Homelife. They are hunter gatherers living from the jungle without destroying it. It takes about 18 hours a week to collect the food they need. Their diet is regarded as one of the most nutritious in the World. Their way of life is threatened by migrant slash and burn farmers who destroy the jungle in order to grow a few crops. CDREF00543.SORCERER, BUMTHANG, BHUTAN. Sorcerer performing a ceremony to eliminate evil spirits. CDREF00375AUSTRALIA, Vicinity Sydney. A revolutionary new way of purifying water contaminated with sewage and chemicals. The liquid is passed through a membrane which filters impurities out. The system was developed by MEMTEC of Australia. CDREF00542.CHILDREN GOING TO SCHOOL, NIGERIA. Primary school in Benin city. CDREF00305COCO, BRAZIL. Amazon. Abandoned cattle ranch land is usually left unused. In some places peasant farmers have settled and successfully grown tree fruit crops. CDREF00323
ITALY. River Po, Turin. In spite of expensive high tech water treatment plants, 85% of the phosphorus dumped in the river remains untreated by the plant and returns to the river. The main effect caused by excessive phosphate build up is eutrophication. CDREF00553.RURAL LIFE, BHUTAN. Cable car river crossing. CDREF00371MIGRANTS TO MEXICO CITY. New migrants, sometimes referred to as parachutists , move into the outskirts of Mexico City everyday putting pressure on transport and other services. They build temporary shelter and try to establish ownership of the land. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation to illustrate the WRI Embarq Program to develop and implement a broad programme of work on environment and transport in Mexico City.   CDREF00003ITALY. Po Delta, Ravella. Open sewer discharging untreated water into the Po. CDREF00553.ROAD CONSTRUCTION, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Rishi Valley. Woman breaking rock to be used for road construction. CDREF00432
HARVESTING COTTON, CAMEROON. Vina Valley, vicinity Touboro Town. CDREF00219
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