TUAREG NOMADS, NIGER (West Africa). This nomadic tribe still make a living as traders. CDREF00544.SHESHETLAND ISLANDS - OIL DISASTER. Volunteer collecting birds killed by oil contamination. On 5th January 1993, the oil tanker the Braer ran aground in the Shetland Islands spilling 85,000 tonnes of light crude oil. However, every single day of the year, roughly one-tenth of the amount of oil abroad the Braer is quite deliberately flushed into the worlds seas and oceans by ships cleaning out the tanks and bilges. CDREF00566.KOSOVO (1999) - HOSPITAL. Pristina University Hospital. With 40 deliveries daily, the maternity clinic at Pristina University Hospital is the busiest maternity in Kosovo. Infant and maternal mortality rates in Kosovo rank as the highest in Europe. The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) is working with Kosovars, and especially the National Committee for Healthy Families, to reduce these mortality rates and to ensure that women receive the care they need and the respect they deserve. CDREF00597.TRAFFIC CONGESTION, THAILAND. CDREF00235NOMADIC FAMILY, INDIA. Kashmir. They spend winter in the valleys and summer in a cave in the mountain. CDREF00391
SCHOOL BUS, PHILIPPINES. Taking school children home. CDREF00222BRITISH TELECOM TREES - UNITED KINGDOM (1995). Silhouette of trees at sunset. CDREF00550.HOMELESS TEENAGER, NICARAGUA. Managua. Teenage girl sexually abused by her father living in a park opposite the houses of parliament with her boyfriend. She is a prostitute and addicted to glue sniffing. CDREF00133 .JAIN TEMPLE, INDIA. Calcutta. CDREF00425VILLAGE MARKET - THAILAND. Khlong Thom, Krabi Province. CDREF00235
BRAZIL, Amazon River - man canoeing. CDREF00828PROSTITUTES, THAILAND. Bangkok. Prostitutes in one of Bangkoks brothels. Hundreds of thousands of young women work in the commercial sex industry and are at risk of HIV infection. CDREF00392UNCED. EARTH SUMMIT. RIO, BRAZIL. CDREF00244SLUM - MUMBAI (BOMBAY), INDIA. Washing clothes in outflow pipe. CDREF00528.ITALY, Adriatic Riviera. Riccione, vicinity Ravenna. Artificial substitute for a dying sea,
TUAREG NOMADS, NIGER (West Africa). This nomadic tribe still make a living as traders. CDREF00544.
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