AGRICULTURE, INDIA. Assam. A farmer millking one of his cows. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation. CDREF00046RURAL LIFE, PHILIPPINES. Northern Sierra Madre National Park. Agta or Dumagat people. Smoking and drying squid. CDREF00216WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Darling Range, Jarrahdale mine, Vicinity Perth. Aboriginies changed the landscape by using fire to open up the forest. Species of trees and shrubs resistant to fire damage colonized the forests. Fire actually assist some seeds to germinate. CDREF00542.ITALY, Po Delta. Saluzzo, vicinity Cuneo. Modern irrigation systems help farmers in the Po valley to produce some of the Worlds highest yields per hectare. Water taken from the Po for farming has rocketed to 18 billion cubic meters a year, about 36% of all water consumption in Italy. CDREF00553.MIGRANTS TO THE AMAZON, BRAZIL. Vicinity Paragominas. Slash and burn farming families. CDREF00242

Construction workers building new low cost homes to re-house

people living in older self-built houses. CDREF00207BRAZIL, Amzon Region - Surui Indian making monkey teeth necklace. CDREF00828
SCANDINAVIAN FORESTRY - FINLAND. Jamsawkoski. Forests in Finland are sustainably managed. Natural regeneration of forests is supplemented by planting three tree seedlings to replace each tree logged. CDREF00565.CHILDREN, INDIA. Chhattera village. Sister minding baby. CDREF00190ITALY, Alps. Pian Della Regina, Crissolo vicinity Saluzzo. Tumbling down the steep mountain side, the clear, fresh waters at the head of the River Po bring life to a marvellous variety of alpine flowers. The upper Po valley lost two thirds of its inhabitants, most of whom migrated to Turin early in the sixties. Now, very little affects the quality of the water for the first 20 Km, then a dam for hydrolelectric energy leaves the river virtually dry. CDREF00553.FUNERAL, INDIA. Agra. CDREF00194NIGERIA, Lagos. Christian service for healing in a poor quarter of town. CDREF00503
AGRICULTURE, INDIA. Assam. A farmer millking one of his cows. This photograph was commissioned by the Shell Foundation. CDREF00046
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