HONG KONG, First Street - A gang member smoking heroin through a matchbox. CDREF00828REFUGEES, ETHIOPIA.  CDREF00189CITY CENTRE, BANGKOK, THAILAND. CDREF00235HARVESTING COTTON, CAMEROON. Vina Valley, vicinity Touboro Town. CDREF00219RAINFOREST - SUMATRA, INDONESIA. Nr Bukit Tigapuluh. Rainforest interior. CDREF00232
BOLIVIA - LA PAZ. Ingprocon. Manufacturing industrial heating equipment. Small businesses are thought to generate about 25% of Latin Americas GNP. CDREF00559.AGRICULTURE, INDIA. Andhra Pradesh, Chittoor District, Rishi Valley. Harvesting organic rice. CDREF00433ROAD TRANSPORT, PHILIPPINES. Manila. Morning rush 'hour' lasts

all day in Manila. Cars, buses and trucks travel at little more

than walking speed most of the time. CDREF00198BUDDHIST MONK, SRI LANKA. Bhuddist Monk visiting villagers. CDREF00524.CHILD AND WATER, INDIA. Young girl at water pump collecting fresh water from the well. CD REF 00018 CDREF00018
PAN SELLER, INDIA. Bombay. CDREF00425FUELWOOD, CAMEROON. Bamenda Highlands, Mount Oku. A young boy has gathered fuelwood from the forest. Families need to burn wood for cooking and heating. CDREF00020PRIEST - TAMIL NADU, INDIA. Brahmin priest at an outdoor shrine. CDREF00239 .MOBILE SHOP, INDONESIA. Sumatra. CDREF00232RELIGION, BALI. Food offerings being taken to the temple. CDREF00228
HONG KONG, First Street - A gang member smoking heroin through a matchbox. CDREF00828
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Hard Rain Picture Library

The Hard Rain Picture Library presents a wide selection of images illustrating social and environmental issues and nature. The initial selection of images is drawn from the UNEP picture archive, and images are available for UNEP and UN staff to replica orologi download for a small fee. The library will be expanded in the near future, and available to all, and we are seeking funding to allow free downloads for educational use.

All visitors are invited to search and download more images at our partner picture agency www.stillpictures.com

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